Your Happy Living Formula 
16-Week Online Program
"You have to have the courage to leave what’s comfortable, to leave what you’ve been doing for so long and take different action."
Starts January 27th
You have to have the courage to leave what’s comfortable, to leave what you’ve been doing for so long and take different action.
I speak to so many women who want to move forward into something new but are still grasping so tightly to what has gotten them to where they are right now. When we speak, I let them know that I to experienced that ever crippling attachment to how it has been for so long. Then I explain that we need new beliefs, new actions and new rituals to create your happy living formula. 

Are you ready to leave behind beliefs that no longer serve you and let go of old habits? If you said yes, then this program is for you. Now is the time to walk courageously with determination and massive action into the life you were meant to live.

To have the life you desire-it will require you to stand on the front line of it. 
Hiding out, burying your head, passing blame, numbing yourself-none of those things will have you living your best life…Ever.

It’s only when you stand out there, fully exposed -willing to do the work that life changes. 
Here’s the thing-I know you’ve taken hits. A lot of them. The problem is, you haven’t figured out your happy living formula, so the hits take you out over and over again, and your beating yourself up for it which keeps the vicious cycle going. 

Feeling it all. Healing it all. Changing it all.

I’ve done it. I’ve lived it. I teach it. 
Now it’s time to share it all with you. 
Helping you to Create, Grow, and Inspire YOUR best life possible is my mission. In this program we learn how exercise, nutrition, mindset and habits; shift our control from out of control to in control of our actions and outcomes. Learning to release our stories and understanding our fears will change our limited beliefs and negative self -talk. 

Create the changes you seek, grow into your full potential, Inspire yourself to live your best life, Inspire others to live theirs.... I hope you will join me on this journey!
What Else Can You Expect?
  • VIP Community Group Facebook  
  • ​Daily interaction and inspiration
  • ​Questions & Answers
  • ​Weekly Challenges
  • ​Nutritional guidelines (includes Food list & meal planner)
  • ​Weekly Recipes
  • ​Weekly Workouts (do-at-home no equipment needed)
  • 16 weeks of Lifestyle modules
  • Weekly Homework and Journaling assignments
  • Outcome will be discussed on Zoom Call with VIP community
  • ​1:1 Private coaching calls each week- to modify and adjust 
  • ​FB live each week to discuss Weekly assignments and answer Q&A
  • ​Group Support and Accountability
  • ​Mindset coaching on Self-Love, Empowerment, Letting go of old story and creating your best life.
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